The staffing solutions division of GDKN is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions in the temporary staffing space. With companies across the globe laying critical emphasis on their human resources management, demand for temporary staffing is rapidly growing because it improves focus on core/critical activities and can be adapted to the seasonal nature of business, addresses business uncertainties and the demand for rapid growth. In short, temporary staffing creates a very nimble human capital platform which allows organizations to maximize their productivity and flexibility at all times.

GDKN is one of the very few minority business enterprises in North America that has the status of Preferred vendor with world’s largest corporations in various industries including:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Telephone Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Banking/Financial,
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical

Having worked with a multitude of the world’s largest clients, GDKN has gained significant expertise in providing staffing solutions which are specifically targeted to meet our client’s unique needs with a highly innovative tactical and strategic approach and extensive capabilities for scalability and flexibility.

Our staffing solutions focus on every detailed aspect of a business and ensure that you have the perfect talent for your critical business needs. We keep adapting and expanding to ensure that we always surpass our client’s expectations.

Our staffing solutions division has access to an unparalleled pool of candidates from which our dedicated team rigorously screen and evaluate to ensure ideal human resources are identified for our client’s unique needs. Our dedicated team is the group of certified experts many of which have years of experience in their related field of expertise.

We do not just focus on finding the perfect talent for our clients; we allow them to focus on growing their business and achieving their goals by ensuring that we adhere to the strictest labor compliance standards.

Our activities are compliant with the laws prevailing in the countries and municipalities we do business in and our team of labor law experts ensures that your organization is compliant with all current applicable labor regulations. Labor Law Compliance Management is an important component of our business which we continue to keep as a top priority.

With over 20 years in the staffing industry, highly customizable staffing solutions, unparalleled sourcing methodology and global capabilities, we are uniquely equipped to identify the right talent for your organization. GDKN will provide your organization with the flexibility to staff up or down, depending on your business needs.

Service Offerings

Recruitment Support

Much of modern recruitment resourcing is web-based – so also the tasks associated with Recruitment Process Support - research, searching the web, distributing job specs, response management, correspondence, validating applicants, arranging interviews, assessments, etc.

Structured On-boarding

AT GDKN, we have structured on boarding and off boarding processes in which we communicate the job offer to the candidate and obtain a letter from the candidate confirming compensation information, date of joining, location of job, travel dates etc. We have the candidate fill out a Candidate Information Sheet to enable HR to issue Offer Letter. We then, send the offer packet to the candidate and coordinate with the candidate until the joining date.

We deliver the candidate to the client location and communicate with him/her throughout the duration of the engagement. Equally effective is our off-boarding process. We formulated the off-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition at the client site as well as to minimize any negative impact on employee morale. The potential for re-engaging the consultant is always a top consideration.

Payroll Management

Oftentimes, companies seek a supplier to assume the payroll processing, tax administration, and other obligatory employment functions in support of consultants. GDKN provides payrolling services, assuming management responsibility of the referred or pass-through consultants identified by the client. Our payrolling process includes complete validation, induction, and communication management. GDKN is as a payroll provider for several large corporations in addition to providing these clients with staff Augmentation and transitioning services.

Direct Hire

While many companies task their HR departments with the responsibility of staffing permanent positions, they may choose to outsource the recruiting effort for one or more job categories across discrete lines of businesses or geographies. GDKN provides direct hire (permanent placement) services and recruits employees on behalf of its clients to fill permanent positions for technology, general, or hard-to-find skill-sets across a wide breadth of job categories and geographies. Those clients engaging GDKN for contingent labor or temporary staffing requirements have the option of engaging GDKN for direct hire positions as well as converting existing GDKN consultants to permanent employees.

Workforce Transitioning

The transitioning of consultants or teams of consultants from one vendor to another is often the outcome of a vendor consolidation or de-selection activity. Through a successful vendor consolidation program, the client reaps the advantages of engaging with fewer, more qualified suppliers. Sourcing activities can be centralized and ultimately more efficient. There will not be vast disparities in fees. There will not be variances in contracts. There are limited candidate ownership questions; hence, less co-employment risk. Deliverables across the board will be more consistent.

GDKN concurs that the periodic assessment of suppliers is a necessary aspect of continuous improvement and due diligence in supply chain management. Ultimately, the best suppliers rise to the top when appraised according to KPIs and metrics-based performance. We have a team dedicated to the transitioning practice and is wholly proficient at assuming management responsibility and becoming the employer of record for a consultant, group of consultants, or project team previously on-boarded by another vendor.

We are pleased to say that the company has often been the recipient of additional consultants after vendor consolidation programs and has transitioned nearly two thousand consultants from deselected suppliers over the past few years. GDKN provides a smooth transition, extending client-specific benefits, and welcoming the new consultants to the circle.

Team Deployment

We have deployed teams for SOW projects as well as ongoing programs, and has transitioned contractors and consultants from other vendors to its own team. We provide a number of our Fortune 500 clients with smooth and seamless team deployment and transition services.
For any transitioning exercise, we deploy low cost technology solutions such as a dedicated website and dedicated call center to assist in creating an open communication environment for the allocated employees. The transition process has proven to accomplish long-term retention and motivation for these employees. The time-tested and highly successful transition process ultimately benefits both the client and employees by transitioning the best candidates to the most appropriate positions and rates. It is in the best interest of the client and employees to have a quick and efficient transition process whenever a change is required.

Independent Contractor Validation

At GDKN, we offer IC validation and compliance services that directly address all IRS guidelines. The service applies to 1099/independent contractors and subcontractors. Our Independent contractor validation process is a sum of Analysis & Determination based on the IRS 20 Factors Questionnaire, Standardized On-Boarding Process, On-going Compliance Management, Invoice - Payment Processing, Advance Payment Option, Legislative & Regulatory Expertise.

Key Differentiators

Strength of Resource Database

GDKN has an internal resource database comprised of over 500,000 qualified candidate resumes. Our internal resource database enables recruiters to think outside of the box and look for qualified candidates for our client needs.

Pre-Qualification of Candidates

At GDKN, we have teams of Recruiters and Sourcing Analysts made up of highly experienced technical and functional experts to ensure the quality of our candidates meet our client needs. Upon receipt of client job requirements, our sourcing analyst conducts extensive candidate searches comprised of using social media, our proprietary database, candidate referral generation, open web and job boards.

Our Recruiters stringently review the resumes to find the perfect match for our clients’ needs. From there they prescreen the candidates for technical qualifications, communications skills, compensation requirements and other pertinent job details. This model of combining our Souring Analysts and Recruiters into one team allows us to significantly speed up our candidate selection process without sacrificing quality.

Comprehensive In-depth Approach

At GDKN we take the time to understand your in-depth project needs, challenges, constraints, and expectations. We assign a project team to assist you which is comprised of an Account Manager, Sourcing Analysts, and Recruiters.

This team will insure that all of your needs are being met and because they will be specializing efforts specific to your needs, they will quickly become subject matter experts on your organization. Our job does not end when we find the perfect resources and they start working. We stay actively engaged throughout the project to insure your expectations and deliverables are being achieved.

Value Based Billing

Our value based billing is one combination of following parameters: Client resource needs, market rates for desired labor category and skill level, desired team composition, and duration of project engagement. GDKN team members perform a subject analysis of four parameters and then arrive at multiple and realistic options to implement value based billing.

Compliance & Validation Management

To ensure compliance with terms and conditions of the contract and to exceed customer SLAs, we have a dedicated team of GDKN Personnel’s performing standard & customized tasks during specific phases of sourcing life cycle to eliminate the possibility of non-compliance with client contract terms and GDKN’s internal processes. Apart from compliance management with the client contract terms, GDKN’s activities are 100% compliant with the state and federal laws.


Our innovative culture, technology and processes allow us to routinely exceed clients' expectations. We strive to constantly improve ourselves, making our employees more productive and efficient, so as to serve the needs of our clients and enable them to be successful.