GDKN offers near-shore cost saving customer call centers in the same time zone. Statistically off-shore customer care centers located in time zones requiring overnight work schedules have a very high attrition rate and hence significantly higher retraining costs. GDKN has been able to solve that problem with our near-shore same time zone centers.

Better yet, the native language at these centers is English and given the cultural similarities, caller experience is much similar to an on-shore operation.

Lower attrition allows our clients to maintain continuity of a quality user experience. This consistent high quality experience helps our clients with customer retention.

Lower attrition, consistent experience, and like on-shore experience coupled together with the lower cost of operation have helped our clients in maintaining lean operations thereby enhancing their scalability.


  • Courteous, professional and enthusiastic staff that greets callers professionally and cordially.
  • Well trained customer care professionals with the ability to appropriately handle customer inquiries and follow appropriate decision trees.
  • A solution-Oriented team.
  • Confidentiality and respect for privacy.
  • All Emails and phone calls receive prompt responses based on agreed upon SLAs.
  • Clear and accurate information and easy to use services
  • No communication gap between our representatives and your customers as there are no communication or cultural issues.
  • No time zone constraints.
  • 24x7 care.
  • Low cost of operation

Service Offerings and Features

Service Offerings

Inbound Campaigns
  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Online Chat
Outbound Campaigns
  • Phone calls
  • Emails


Professional Agents:
Our customer service agents have the required experience, skills, knowledge and technical know-how to handle any type of customer support service and technical support.

Advanced Capabilities:
We have advanced reporting and market testing abilities that provide you the needed edge. Our improved market coverage, quick responses to market conditions, expertise in account management and remote call monitoring features set us above other customer support vendors.

Rich Experience:
We have gained vast experience over years in addressing diverse customer support needs of companies across various business verticals that helps us successfully in handling variety of scenarios.

24/7 Support:
We can provide you with 24/ 7 services throughout the year, so one can always be sure that your customers' calls will be answered—even on weekends and holidays.

Sophisticated Technology:
Our customer service centers are equipped with the latest data and voice communication systems, supported by a dedicated internet connection, allowing us to provide quick and reliable services on a 24/7 basis.

Quality Assurance:
We follow a strict quality assurance (QA) process to ensure unmatched quality in our operations.

Assured Customer Satisfaction:
With our specially trained support agents managing customer relationships and answering queries on the very first ring, you can be sure of complete customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty and better customer retention.


  • Near-shore
  • Same time zone
  • Native English speakers
  • Lower attrition
  • Lower retraining costs
  • US like experience