Digital Marketing

Advantages of Social Media marketing

  • Reach people searching for what you offer
  • Quick delivery as opposed to SEO
  • Measurable, accountable, flexible
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Targeted

Channels to promote Social Media marketing

Search Network

Most efficient network to drive traffic to your product page /website. The user searches the web with intent to buy your product or Service. In a search Network campaign, there’s an ad group in which all your ads reside. The ad group will have keywords that you choose with which you want the users to search your product/ service.


Display Network

In an online media strategy about 60% of the visitors are from a display network. Placement Targeting in a display network allows to target google partnered prominent websites with good volume of traffic to display your ads on. Also when you are running ads on display network, we can filter the audience using keywords, topic and interest to reach the more promising buyers.

Video network

One of the prominent video network for online marketing these days is youtube and the key advantage to do video marketing is to actually having the capability to show your product in action. We at GDKN have the experience and expertise to showcase your products and build your brand on Video Network. Under the video network we can either show an instream ad, Indisplay ad or a bumper ad.

In stream ad – when you want your video ad to appear before, in between or after any video on youtube. The length of an instream ad must be upto 3 minutes. Instream ads can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Bumper ads – A six second long video that plays before any video on youtube and cannot be skipped.



An essential aspect of online marketing that lets you target the users who had either visited your website or shown interest in your product. We set up cookie tracking on your website or on certain pages of your website which tracks the cookie id of the visitors and wherever they go next on the internet, our ad follows.

Product listing ads

Majorly used by Ecommerce Enterprises. Product listing ads will have an image and price underneath them so the one looking at a PLA (product listing ad) is much more likely to buy from one those ads. PLA’s allows to upload your store and product data to search engines and make it available to users while doing searches on search engines.