Custom Application Development

At GDKN we listen, learn and then create business technology solutions to solve our client’s problems through a durable global infrastructure and powerful methodologies. We deliver solutions that accelerate our clients' competitive advantage.

Our goal is to assist our clients in leveraging IT services to improve business performance. Utilizing a knowledge-based approach, we bring our collective thinking to each engagement. We are committed to making our processes accessible, sharing information and insights and inviting participation from our clients. It is this ability that makes our GDKN process so special.

By designing and developing custom solutions & applications for our clients we enable them to become more competitive by automating their unique business processes, making them more productive and efficient at what they do. We also help our clients fill in the gaps in functionality provided by off-the-shelf commercial applications that they may be using.

Creation of new custom software-applications and enhancements and customization of existing business-applications involves Business and Software Development teams to work very closely in understanding and comprehending business processes and clearly identifying requirements.

GDKN specializes in working closely with business users while implementing solutions for their requirements through high-quality IT systems. GDKN's approach is to spend ample time and resources during the requirement-gathering and design phase. This harmonious working of our Business and Software Development Teams ensures high success rate for application development projects. GDKN uses a process based system for project delivery with timely milestones and checkpoints.

Application development approach – Key Features

  • Employing successful methodologies and frameworks
  • Aligning with customer needs.
  • Structured Requirements gathering and definition process
  • Delivering integrated solution that seamlessly integrates with clients’ application framework.
  • Strong focus on quality
  • Striking a Balance between delivering a Quality deliverable on time and in Budget.

GDKN's Custom Application development, delivers

  • Analyze and then define the solution framework.
  • Develop prototypes for demos to users.
  • Design the details of the solution.
  • Build the solution.
  • Extensively test the application-software solution.
  • Authenticate the solution against requirements.
  • Rollout the solution across the organization and provide support.

GDKN brings to the table people with analytical skills and business expertise to help define the customer’s requirements for an effective solution employing industry best practices. Our teams have vast experience in technology and understand the domain and business constraints. We deliver on-time, high-quality and within-budget solutions.

Application Maintenance

Organizations make significant investments to enhance business processes and derive appropriate returns. In an environment where businesses are continuously changing and newer tools and better technologies are emerging, managing IT to keep in step with business is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face today.

A major portion of the IT budget comprises the costs incurred to maintain current IT functionality and operations. It is important for organizational success that IT becomes more effective and efficient in managing existing assets of the organization. Through cost-effective offshore solutions organizations can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

GDKN has deep foundations and a strong history in managing and supporting enterprise applications for its customers. Our Application Management processes ensure that systems are flexible and match customer needs. We enable systems to constantly change and implement newer tools and technologies into existing applications.

With an ever-growing and ever-learning team of experts we become watchdogs that research for newer tools and technologies that can be implemented into customer applications. As the system grows and as newer technologies become available it ensures smooth functionality of the business while reducing human labor.

GDKN provides continual round-the-clock availability, maintenance and monitoring for time-critical applications. We provide highly cost-effective and rapid implementations based on customer needs. While we do this we adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA) and reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for customer applications.

GDKN is a one-stop solution provider that incorporates application maintenance, monitoring, support along with Help Desk Services.

Major Functions

  • Application monitoring
  • Application enhancements
  • Application support
  • Help Desk Services

Advantages with GDKN

  • Significant cost savings through the use of offshore resources.
  • We adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements and enable customers to monitor strict compliance.
  • We are capable to work as an extension of your IT team while providing cost-effective and high-quality resources.
  • 24X7 maintenance, monitoring and support through global time zones for time critical applications.
  • Ever-growing and ever-learning technical team provides strategies to incorporate newer tools and technologies into base customer applications.
  • Application enhancements and support with a customer focused approach.
  • Years of proven history and unsurpassed track record.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our QA process is divided into different levels of teams to ensure complete QA coverage. Each QA team focuses on its specialty level. Once all the levels of QA are successfully completed, the GDKN QA process is complete.

Through our superior teams of QA professionals and process improvement approaches to software testing, our QA and Testing Services help you realize the return on investment of your applications initiatives.

Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable results. We specialize in upfront assessments that identify and measure potential risks and returns on QA and testing efforts.

We also provide consulting services on how to stage QA and testing operations without over- or under investing. Rather than forcing your goals to fit into a rigid offering or methodology, we design our solutions to meet your specific needs. We work to understand your business goals and focus on the QA and testing objectives that support them. Throughout every engagement, we seamlessly integrate within your environment and work collaboratively toward an overall solution.

Our tenured practice staff holds various industry certifications including PMP, ITIL®, CSQA, CSTE and other technology certifications from HP, Borland and Rational. They also possess deep expertise in open-source tools such as FitNesse and Selenium.

With experience in leading hundreds of QA and testing efforts on legacy and modern systems, we understand that each client’s initiatives have distinct testing considerations. Our QA and Testing division utilizes our Progressive methodologies (a proprietary set of best practices, lessons learned and functional standards) that facilitate customization and high-quality solutions. Our methodologies are designed to provide reliable solutions and measurable performance.

Our Strengths

  • Superior Quality
  • Custom Built Solutions
  • Diverse Technical Expertise
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Cost Saving
  • Highly Qualified Teams

EOD Reporting System

The EOD Reporting System automates the reports and other management information of the organization. In regular business this system enables monitoring the employees at different locations. Once logged into the system, it requires the user to send automated emails to the members of his/her team. This helps management generate attendance, payroll and notifications of shortages or overages for the day.

Status reports are another useful tool provided to team management. The system makes it possible to easily and efficiently check on general progress throughout the team without the delay of having to call in for results daily. Both management and team members find status reports to be a better, faster means of communicating daily updates.

These reports must be included so that the team can coordinate together. For instance, if one team member is still working on Module A, it communicates this status to other team members so they can better coordinate their project task schedule. These status reports are useful to team members and managers’ even weeks later, often at the end of a monthly work cycle, to reveiw the entire progress of the project.

One key component of the reporting system is recording daily cash transactions by monitoring the cash coming in and cash going out. After reaching a specified limit, if excessive cash comes in or flows out, the software notifies the administrator. The EOD reporting system balances various tender types against expected amounts and totals what the end user has entered for deposits in the system and matches that against what has actually been deposited. This systems allows for easy, accurate reconciling against bank statements.

Key Features

  • Produce fully customized reports in large volumes, Excel, PDF, and word formats.
  • Increase productivity and lower cost.
  • Improve report consistency.
  • Web Integration of reports.
  • Customized automatic reporting on administrator emails.


  • Helps gathering all management information from one place
  • Monitoring of employees
  • Assist in support functions such as pay rolling , time management
  • Track of Project Progress
  • Assist in Team Coordination
  • Monitor of Credit/Debit of the Organization
  • Pacing up the entire Management and Production Process of the Organization.

Audit Trail Systems

The Audit Trail System is an electronic or paper log used to track computer activity. Audit trails are used to record customer activity in system. The customer's initial contact is recorded in an audit trail as well as each subsequent action such as payment and delivery of the product or service.

The customer's audit trail is then used to respond properly to any inquiries or complaints. A company might also use an audit trail to provide a basis for account reconciliation, to provide a historical report to plan and support budgets, and to provide a record of sales in case of a tax audit.

Key Features

  • Capture every activity of system.
  • Entity wise activity report.
  • User wise activity report.
  • Activity report according to given date range.
  • Automatic comment facility according to activity.


  • Audit trails are available in detail for both internal and external auditing
  • Audit trails are available for master tables and transaction records
  • Provides complete recording, integration, and detailed audit controls by entity
  • Audit trails are available to support tracking of data to source transactions
  • Generates a report of purchase order history and applicable electronic signature approvals

Data Mining

Our automated mining system extracts potential hires from an ever-growing field containing several million résumés. With that input we build candidate profiles in our proprietary database of over 5.5 million pre-qualified professionals: candidates who are from your local market, with a broad range of technology expertise, with experience in your industry, and who can be tapped quickly.

After receiving your requirements we can channel a number of potential candidates into our hiring process, and rapidly deliver the perfect-fit talent you need. Also the artificial intelligence matches the skills required for a job along with the skills of the job applicant and suggests right fit jobs to the candidate.

Through data mining technologies, GDKN provides powerful search and data analytics to help streamline data assessment and document review, saving time and lowering the costs and risks involved in litigation or investigation. Customers rely on GDKN to provide industry-leading information management.

Traditional methods for information retrieval or searching involve the user entering one or more keywords and the search returning any document that matches the keywords. However, many people do not know how to search effectively and the typical results do not provide any indication of which item is the most relevant to the user. This problem increases as the volume of data being searched increases, resulting in the user being overwhelmed by an unrealistic number of items which match the search. This issue has been addressed with the development of Application, which performs search by keywords and other parameters to find a more focused set of potentially relevant documents more quickly than by a parametric search alone.

GDKN provide an advanced concept-based search engine designed to be embedded in a variety of applications to generate better and faster search results. Using the conceptual search capabilities from GDKN solutions, users can rapidly find information which would otherwise be time-consuming or impossible to find using the standard keyword or parametric search methods

Key Features

  • Matches profiles, not words
  • Eliminates over 90% of false matches
  • Captures the most qualified documents
  • Automatically matches in real time
  • Clones documents for the fastest matches
  • Stability and Security like no other
  • Global and multi-lingual


  • Extended parametric Search along with Keywords
  • Realistic search results
  • Relevant search results
  • Faster, rapid and Time Saving
  • Faster tables and transaction records
  • Provides complete recording, integration, and detailed audit controls by entity
  • Audit trails are available to support tracking of data to source transactions
  • Generates a report of purchase order history and applicable electronic signature approvals

Screen Data Capture

Our Web Crawling technology is a next generation Screen Data Capture-based client data-management and processing system. The system helps to scrape data from the web and efficiently manage and process the same. This allows the user to automate almost any repetitive web operations such as collecting pieces of information from Web pages, extracting web links etc. making the process faster, error–free and convenient.

When our web crawling system visits a web page, it "reads" the visible text, the hyperlinks, and the content of the various tags used in the site, such as keyword rich Meta tags. This is how it filters the data and adds the required data to the company database. The System is programmed to comb through the Internet periodically to determine whether there has been any significant changes.

If a site is experiencing heavy traffic or technical difficulties, the system is programmed to note that and revisit the site again, hopefully after the technical issues have subsided. Web crawling is an important method for collecting data on, and keeping up with, the rapidly expanding internet. A vast number of web pages are continually being added every day, and information is constantly changing so for this reason the web crawling system regularly ensures that our databases are up-to-date.

There are several uses for the program, perhaps the most popular being search engines using it to provide webs surfers with relevant websites. Other users include linguists and market researchers, or anyone trying to search information from the Internet in an organized manner. Alternative names for a web crawler include web spider, web robot, bot, crawler, and automatic indexer.

A web crawler may be used by anyone seeking to collect information on the internet. Search engines frequently use web crawlers to collect information about what is available on public web pages. Their primary purpose is to collect data so that when internet surfers enter a search term on their site, they can quickly provide the surfer with relevant web sites. Linguists may use a web crawler to perform a textual analysis, combing the internet to determine what words are commonly used today. Market researchers may use a web crawler to determine and assess trends in a given market.

Key Features

  • Copying text from a web page.
  • Entering data into forms and submitting.
  • Iterating through search results pages.
  • Export data (PDF, MS Word, images)
  • Integrates with existing systems.
  • Can call out to external applications using a variety of methods and APIs.
  • •Extract text between specific HTML tags.
  • Export the extracted data into Microsoft Access database, TEXT file, Excel file (CSV), XML file;
  • Start crawling from a list of the URLs specified by user
  • Filter the extracted data.


  • Data scraping from the web.
  • Automation of repetitive web operations
  • Data Filtering
  • Updation of Company database
  • Market Research