Requirement Detail

Job Title Manufacturing Engineer
Job Code 204290
Date Posted 03/22/2023
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20280
Location Ocala, FL USA
Pay Rate $60.00/Hour
Job Description
Performs in a collaborative environment to develop and implement manufacturing processes, procedures and production layouts for assemblies, equipment installation, processing, fabrication, and material handling. 
Drives adoption of new technologies and processes (automation, robotics, computer aided manufacturing software, etc.)to achieve greater efficiency, cost reduction and quality improvement. 
Creates and analyzes 3D based model data environment to optimize manufacturing process and digital work instructions. 
Leverages understanding of materials and automatic processes to define operations procedures and build sequences to drive operational excellence. 
Evaluates performance (including IoT devices, etc.) of equipment and tools to verify their efficiency and investigates and initiates corrective action of problems and deficiencies to ensure operational excellence. 
Leverages factory datat o develop statistical process control approaches and integrates reporting and data analytics solutions for continuous improvement. 
Provides input to product design regarding design concepts and specification requirements to best utilize equipmentand manufacturing techniques.