Requirement Detail

Job Title Amazon Lead
Job Code 203292
Contact Phone # ___-___-____ - Ext
Date Posted 11/23/2022
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20080
Location Philadelphia, PA USA
Pay Rate $25.90/Hour
Job Description •The Amazon Lead support person will be onsite at the customer location, Amazon and will have responsibility to coordinate all outbound volume.
•This includes local feeder movements as well as Carrier Management Group’s (CMG) DirectShip loads and the communication necessary to assure these loads move through the client network without issue.
•This person will not be required to travel in their personal vehicle to/from client facilities or to/from customer location to a client facility.
•He/she will only be assigned to the designated client customer location.
•The ideal candidate would be a former client with a positive rehire status or retiree; however external candidates that meet the minimum job requirements would be considered qualified for this position.
Job Duties: (Training will be provided by Management)
1. Understand the Amazon load plan and Critical Pull Time CPTs by day of week.
2. Assure Amazon is loading the right packages into the right trailers.
3. Monitor load quality and proper trailer utilization.
4. Communicate late drivers to appropriate dispatch team. Both arriving and departing.
5. Yard Checks and equipment control. a. Yard checks done at the end of each shift to ensure all loads have been moved. i. Checks also done at start of shift if shifts are not overlapping. b. Check for appropriate pool level of empty trailers for each carrier. c. Inspect trailers during yard checks for any obvious issues with trailers. (Holes in trailer, flat tires, etc).
6. Monitor for spikes in volume and coordinate operational or pickup changes.
7. Identify and resolve conditions that could lead to service failures, extended sort hours, unplanned driver time, etc.
8. Complete the Amazon On-Site Communication Template (OSCT), minimum one entry daily a. Gate Delays b. On Property Delays c. Late Drivers d. Equipment Needs e. Inbound Backlog f. Unauthorized Trailer Use DirectShip (CMG)
Specific Job Responsibilities: (Training will be provided by Management)
1. Understand schedules and Feeder Tracking System (FTS).
•a. Must have the FTS schedules for that day
•b. Verify and assure accurate information
•2. Ensure correct carrier trailers on doors
•a. Have Fulfillment Center (FC) correct any issues
•b. Report any trailer/carrier mismatch not corrected prior to pick up via OSCT
•3. Monitor load conditions for trailer utilization and load quality.
•a. Monitor capacity of loads versus the schedule for possible discrepancies.
•b. Discrepancies coordinated through Project Management (PM) and/or Corporate Transportation.
•c. Consolidate any light volume loads for the same destination where possible, but no overflows without corporate approval.
2. Local Specific Job Responsibilities
•1. Maintain corporately approved load plan; no overflows without corporate approval.
•2. Planning and communication with local hub, feeder, air and international operations.
•3. Communicate late drivers to your local feeder dispatch. Both arriving and departing.
Job Requirements:
• Minimum 1.5 to 2 years of warehouse and/or logistics experience; overseeing daily activities for an account, department, or station of a warehouse operation.
• Basic knowledge and use of Microsoft Excel and Outlook
• Good oral and written communication skills as well as telephone etiquette
• Must be available current year, October through January the following year