Requirement Detail

Job Title Human Resources Specialist
Job Code 202535
Contact Phone # ___-___-____ - Ext
Date Posted 09/22/2022
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20337
Location Miami, FL USA
Pay Rate $18.00/Hour
Job Description
•Provides general information to University constituents regarding HR programs, e.g. benefits, payroll, time/leave entry, and approval processes.
•Coordinates attendance at the New Faculty Orientation (August) or New Employee Experience (biweekly for all admin/staff and for faculty hired after Fall).
•Inputs all Overload and Adjunct Contracts, and submits for approvals.
•Ensures timely completion of all faculty appointments.
•Monitors expiring appointments and performs relevant actions, such as reactivations, changes in appointments, summer contracts, change in allocations, separations, etc .
•Maintains the confidential nature of all employees and applicants' privileged information used or observe in the course of performing job duties.
•Performs other related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of Duties Essential Function specific duties does not preclude the
•supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.
•Tracks and coordinates requests for immigration sponsorship and monitors expiring visa report.
•Coordinates College/School/Department temporary workforce requisitions, and ensures time-entry and approvals are completed by Payroll deadlines.
•Monitors open positions, applicant status, coordinates interviews, maintains interview records in support recruitment.
•Prepares overload and adjunct contracts, and inputs updates to allocations as directed.
•In partnership with Academic Affairs, assists the HR Manager in preparing faculty offer letters.
•Ensures completion of all sign-on processes and background check clearances.
•Supports faculty pre-employment and onboarding, including transcripts, credentialing, employment permits etc. Completes and notarizes employment related documents.
•Assists with the transition of new faculty and staff hired by the College. Informs faculty and adjunct instructor of payroll sign-on process.