Requirement Detail

Job Title Database Architect/Engineer
Job Code 184923
Date Posted 03/26/2020
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20280
Location Fort Worth, TX USA
Pay Rate $80.00/Hour
Job Description
Job Description:
• Designs, develops, builds, analyzes, evaluates and installs database management systems to include database modeling and design, relational database architecture, metadata and repository creation and configuration management.
• Uses data mapping, data mining and data transformational analysis tools to design and develop databases.
• Determines data storage and optimum storage requirements.
• Prepares system requirements, source analysis and process analyses and design throughout the database implementation.

• Migration of Access database to SQL Server, establish connections with web based front end, tableau dashboards, and maintain data sources and integrity, as well as troubleshooting, query tuning, optimization, SQL Security, SQL Server Alerts, Performance Monitoring, and maintenance plan configuration

Preferred experience:
• Assisting in transferring databases, including TempDB, to new servers using TSQL scripts
• Implementation of SSIS SSRS and SSAS
• Managed SQL Server Agent Jobs
• Editing XML
• Work with developers to assist in overall database design, tuning queries, assigning proper indexes, creating triggers and stored procedures
• MS Access development and migration experience
• Transactional database mirroring

General Experience:
• Experience with program/project management and program integration processes.
• Ability to analyze and understand complex problems and generate appropriate technical solutions independently.
• Effective communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain rapport and share technical ideas with users or clients, technical and management staff.
• Ability to collaboratively interface with diverse disciplines including, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Program Management.
• Experience planning and executing projects that involve several participants.
• Experience working autonomously with general directions.
• Experience working in a dynamic environment and available to work overtime if needed.

Areas of Expertise Database Design Yes 1 6 + Years
Areas of Expertise Database security No 2 2 - 4 Years
Areas of Expertise Database storage, retrieval and customization No 2 4 - 6 Years
Areas of Expertise Project Scheduling No 2 6 + Years
Soft Skills Interpersonal Skills No 1 6 + Years
Software Skills MS Access Advanced Yes 1 6 + Years
Software Skills SQL Server Yes 1 6 + Years
Software Skills Oracle No 4 1 - 2 Years
Software Skills XML No 3 2 - 4 Years
Technical Skills Database Administration Yes 1 6 + Years
Technical Skills Relational data modeling Yes 1 4 - 6 Years
Technical Skills Relational database design and management of relational databases Yes 1 6 + Years
Technical Skills Structured Query Language (SQL) Yes 1 6 + Years
Technical Skills Configuration Management No 4 6 + Years
Technical Skills Current Database Technology No 2 6 + Years
Technical Skills Data Modeling No 3 4 - 6 Years
Technical Skills Oracle Database Management No 4 1 - 2 Years
Technical Skills Project Management No 2 6 + Years
Technical Skills Project Planning No 2 6 + Years