Requirement Detail

Job Title Sr Test Engineer
Job Code 183011
Contact Phone # ___-___-____ - Ext
Date Posted 11/19/2019
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20005
Location Phoenix, AZ USA
Pay Rate $0.00/Hour
Job Description

• Work as dynamics testing lead for team responsible for improving prediction of aircraft turbofan engine blade loss response, turbofan engine induction icing, Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit response to vibration.

• Supports turbofan engine and Auxiliary Power Unit component test plan creation, instrumentation definition, instrumentation calibration.
• Works in stress lab to get hardware measured, inspected, instrumented, and assembled for testing. Supports design input for test fixturing as needed. 
• Supports test article installation, fixturing, actuator specification and assembly, optical displacement measurement system installation, testing to collect static and high sample rate strain gage and accelerometer data.
• Responsible for post-processing and plotting (time and frequency domain) of this test data and interpretation of results.
• Documentation of test findings in comprehensive reports. 
• Communicates findings to team. 
• Works with system dynamics modeling team to assimilate ideas and learning from testing and from team meetings into concise design practice documents.
• Works to capture and distill disparate ideas and data into a clear summary document.

• Preparation of aircraft gas turbine engine hardware for dynamics testing. 
• Experienced with inspection, instrumentation and calibration, test fixturing, specification and connection of suitable test system static and dynamic actuation and measurement systems, static and high sample rate data acquisition systems, post-processing and plotting of time and frequency domain vibration test data from accelerometers and strain gages.
• Able to review and interpret said data and summarize findings from test in clear and concise PowerPoint presentations.
• Stress lab engineering background preferred. Rotordynamics and vibration test background preferred. Experience with turbofan engine fan blade loss and induction • icing is desirable but not required. 
• Able to work effectively on teams, capturing and documenting disparate information from testing and meetings, and compile these into clear design practice documents. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required. 
• Able to work independently and interface with focal points in testing lab to see hardware through testing.

Basic Qualifications:
• BS degree in Mechanical Engineering or related technical field of study.
• 8+ years experience in a related technical discipline.
• Due to site requirements, candidate must be a US Citizen.