Requirement Detail

Job Title Front-End Developer
Job Code 180829
Contact Phone # ___-___-____ - Ext
Date Posted 07/12/2019
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20081
Location Louisville, KY USA
Pay Rate $50.00/Hour
Job Description

Front-End Developer

This role is responsible for creating client-side web solutions to meet business needs and objectives with an end goal of providing a seamless experience for our end-users. 
Candidates in the role should show proficient knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as well as possess the skills necessary to work in a collaborative environment with business, design, and IT partners.

• Create semantic, W3C valid, accessible, cross-browser compatible front-end web pages, components, and websites.
• Create, maintain, and implement loosely-coupled, modular JavaScript solutions.
• Act as a consultant to an agency, vendor, IT, or the Digital IT team to ensure projects are semantic, W3C valid, accessible (as required), and cross-browser compatible.
• Deliver subject matter expertise within the realm of integrating front-end technologies with back-end systems, MVC patterns, and third-party services.
• Work within current constraints of a pre-existing website or application to extend functionality or support User-Experience (Design) direction.
• Work in a Scrum/Agile type environment and deliver upon assigned work in a timely manner over the course of an iterative project time-table.
• Be available for execution or support of production turns.
• Troubleshoot and resolve issues, problems, and errors encountered across our web properties, internal applications, and systems as reported or experienced.
• Provide expertise to influence project, initiative, and maintenance technical direction during discovery, planning, and implementation stages.
• Maintain modern development standards with best-practice approaches to front-end coding and development processes.
• Stay current on industry trends and knowledge and utilize the information to guide the team.
• Provide post-launch verification of features and changes.
• Ensure and maintain an expected level of accessibility in our applications.
• Ensure design parity to provided comps while still meeting development and accessibility standards.

Job Expectations
• Must be proficient in a number of front-end specific areas and technologies, including:
o HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
o W3C Web Standards
o Accessibility
o Cross-browser compatibility
o Content Management
o Performance
o Progressive Enhancement
• Must have a sophisticated knowledge of back-end systems/development including integration points, the MVC pattern, and working with third-party APIs and services.
• Must be dedicated to best-in-class user experience of all users, including users with disabilities and users of assistive technologies.
• Implement developmental best-practices.  Version control (Git), meaningful commenting and documentation, and standard indentation and formatting are all examples of this model.
• Recognize our roadmap and strategically communicate an agenda to reach our goals.
• Understand browser support/standards and recommend adopting certain technologies.
• Work with internal members of the team, IT, and business.  Collaborate to provide the end-user with the best possible experience.   Professionally correspond internally and externally with our team members and partners.
• Utilize the educational tools provided to you as well as seek out professional training, development tools, and resources of your own. Ensure continual growth in your field and to ensure a high standard of quality for our applications moving forward.

Required Technical Skills
• Accessibility techniques and basics (ARIA)
• Basic understanding of modular design patterns
• Content Management (experience and best-practices)
• ES6
• Git
• HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (Proficient Level)
• JQuery
• Less
• Microsoft .NET MVC
• NPM/Node.js (basics)
• Technical writing/communication skills
• Unit and Experience Testing
• Vue.js
• Webpack (basics)