Requirement Detail

Job Title Traffic Clerk
Job Code 178553
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 267
Date Posted 02/11/2019
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20227
Location Cleveland, OH USA
Pay Rate $0.00/Hour
Job Description
• Directs bulk and package trucks, rail and boats for on-time pick-up of salt product. 
• Verifies and addresses problems 
• Related to inventory levels for shipping on a daily basis and maintains all recordkeeping of product shipped via truck , rail or boat. 
• Verify and Direct Bulk Truck shipments of Salt products. 
• Verify and address customer orders received at check in check out stations on daily basis. 
• Maintain good record keeping of all shipping records. 

• Candidate must have experience in shipping bulk and package products. 
• The more Computer expertise they have the easier it is to learn our Shipping systems. 
• Need to have good communication skills with carriers. 
• Be able to handle high volume shipping. 
• Need to have some organizational skills. 

Responsibilities and Duties (Principal Accountabilities): 
1. Trafficking bulk trucks, rail and boats in and out daily 45% 
Checking and Processing orders in and out daily for Bulk truck shipments. 70% 
2. Coordinating and verifying orders and problem-solving inventory levels daily product availability 10% 
Verifying, Checking, and problem solving orders daily. 10% 
3. Recordkeeping related to trafficking of truck, rail and boats 35% 
Recordkeeping of daily shipping orders 10% 
4. Miscellaneous job duties: document filing, purging of old records 10% 

Education Required 
• High School graduate or equivalency 

Specialized Knowledge, Qualifications & Years of Experience Required 
• Good customer communication skills. 
• Good organization and problem-solving skills; excellent basic math skills and computer (Excel, Outlook, Word) skills 
• Candidates must be able to work independently and need minimal guidance or supervision. 
• We are looking for professional candidates for this position - they must be comfortable with a business casual attire, have excellent communication, be committed and able to complete the entire project. 

• This is not a warehouse position - it is within an office type of environment. 
• The candidates will not be in the warehouse or outside directing the trucks, they're communicating via e-mail and phone. 
• They're also utilize intercoms to communicate with the drivers who come in with product. 
• No steel toe boots needed, jeans are OK as long as they're nice (no holes or rips) and a nice polo would also be acceptable. 
• A candidate who has worked in a warehouse doing shipping/receiving and inventory control and who is professional would be a great fit for this position as they have to understand how shipping works - they're also utilizing client's internal software system, not a lot of Excel knowledge needed.