Requirement Detail

Job Title End Loader Operator
Job Code 178147
Contact Phone # ___-___-____ - Ext
Date Posted 01/11/2019
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20227
Location Buffalo, IA USA
Pay Rate $0.00/Hour
Job Description

Job Title: End Loader Operator

Job Description:
• Safely operate machinery, including front end loader, rail movers, forklifts, and packaging equipment.
• Ability to read, write, and speak English
• Must have a valid Driver’s License
• Must be able to work under special work conditions, such as extreme heat or cold.
• Be physically able to perform the job duties including bending, stooping, shoveling, sweeping, pounding with hammers,
climbing stairs and ladders, opening and closing valves, and extended driving/riding/maneuvering of forklifts.
• Lifting of product and tools up to 10-15 lbs. at various heights. This can be a frequent requirement depending on need.

Ability to read, write, and speak English

Dress code: Steel toe boots, Jeans (no holes/rips), t-shirt (no tanks, or rips)