Requirement Detail

Job Title Utility Worker
Job Code 175910
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 303
Date Posted 10/11/2018
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20239
Location Newton, KS USA
Pay Rate $0.00/Hour
Job Description

Key Responsibility Areas (essential job functions):
1.) Routine cleaning of floors, equipment, roofs and outside grounds
 2.) Specialized cleaning tasks such as bin cleanings, rebolt sifter, filter sock changes
3.) Special duties assigned by management
4.) Basic process maintenance
5.) Cross-trained in at least two different operator jobs
6.) Responsible for understanding and following all personnel and equipment safety policies; Sanitation policies; following all Business Unit policies and procedures.
7. Ascend and Descend stairs throughout the facility.
8.) Climb ladders (both step and extension)
 9.) Wear required PPE.
10.) Follow verbal and written instructions (English).
11.) Communicate with peers and supervisors (English)

Essential Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (Persons in this position must have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities):
A.) Must be willing and able to work additional hours which may include overtime, weekends, and holidays.
 B.) Communication skills in English (both verbal and written).
C.) Must be willing to accept accountability and work well in a team.