Requirement Detail

Job Title Data Center Hands & Eyes Technician - Master
Job Code 175899
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 303
Date Posted 10/11/2018
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20279
Location Poughkeepsie, NY USA
Pay Rate $30.89/Hour
Job Description
Candidate must be able to provide Hands & Eyes (touch support) for remote System Administrators (SA’s)/technical support teams in the Unix & Intel Server / Data Center 24x7x365 support environment. The role requires walking and standing sometimes for a significant period. Must become Data Center HIPPA certified with 1st week on the job to obtain data center access. 

Candidate must be familiar with server hardware and OS (Windows and Unix (Aix, Linux, or Solaris) to be able to successfully complete more complex troubleshooting tasks and server related projects as well as general Tier 2 tasks such as 
- Server Sun setting (Assist SA’s with specific tasks per a defined process). 
- Rack servers (Assist SA’s with racking process for new or re-installs). 
- Server builds (Initiate build process by loading OS with specific system requirements). 
- Confirm Network Connectivity (Assist SA with problem determination and verification process). 
- System logs (Load, Verify and confirm system defect data). 
- Drive replacements (Replace hot swappable drives, participate in problem determination/resolution with SA). 
- Initiate and drive action items in support of SA assuring CMI updates. 
- Create System boot disks. 
- Assure timely delivery of system logs affiliated with outages to SA’s. 
- Attaching monitor, keyboard, mouse, or consoles to equipment. 
- Troubleshooting of physical ports 
- Executing built-in diagnostics as directed by SA or technical teams. 
- Upgrading disk drive capacity by installing new or additional drives. 
- Install newly received equipment under specific instructions. 
- Server installations and configurations 
- Interface card removal, installation and configuration. 
- Add memory cards 
- Configuring routers, switches, and other network equipment under specific instructions. 
- Support during planned, routine style maintenance activities. 
- Power cycling a router, server and switch and soft-booting a server 
- Power monitoring - visual checks for device compliance with defined specifications. Provide visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting. 
- Moving or securing cables (Above floor) for problem determination 
- Replacing a patch cable in a rack 
- Rapid response - 24x7 Support 
- General tasks associated with restoration of services including entering commands according to detailed instructions and relaying system responses. (Under direction of SA). 

As well as the following Tier 1 tasks as needed: 
- Escorts Certified Engineers for repair break fix. 
- Reboot servers working remotely under System Administrator’s direction. 
- Create CD’s and boot disks for support. 
- Checks server health (determine if power lights / other error lights are on) 

As well as the following Data Center Facilities infrastructure tasks as needed: 
- Daily facilities walkthrough to identify any abnormal activities or conditions 
- Hands & Eyes support for the remote data center facilities team including visual confirmation/inspection of alarms and unexpected conditions. Work will not require any special access and will not entail any physical work beyond panel and screen observations and basic interface button interaction. 

Skills required: 
- Must have the ability to work independently or with less supervision 
- Needs to possess excellent troubleshooting skills 
- Must have good customer service skills 
- Ability to maintain good relations with customers 
- Should have excellent verbal communication skills 
- Must have the ability to work under pressure 
- Ability to manage support requests in an electronic work based ticketing system 
- Should possess excellent teaming skills, be a quick learner, and flexible and adaptable to the work environment 
- Must be able to communicate effectively with local and remote teams as well as off-shore support teams using voice and electronic tools. 

At least 3 years of experience in a similar work environment required.