Requirement Detail

Job Title Technician (Electronic)
Job Code 173671
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 304
Date Posted 06/13/2018
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20280
Location Owego, NY USA
Pay Rate $14.33/Hour
Job Description • Sets up and fabricates printed circuits and circuit boards.
• Performs all operations as directed from engineering drawings, diagrams, and general instructions to cut, shear, etch, plate, expose, drill, and clean complex circuit boards to close tolerances.
• Applies enamels, laminates, chemical solutions, and acids as necessary.
• May perform cutouts and touchups on circuit board materials such as copper-faced plastic, fiberglass, or epoxy board.

• May install brackets, eyelets, and terminals.
• May monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.


Mandatory Skills & Experience include:
• MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE with the chemical processes used in manufacturing of Printed Wiring Boards
• Ability to maintain a safe, effective, and efficient working environment
• Manufacturing experience
• Basic understanding of computers and Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Etc.)
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to derive work instruction/direction from technical literature/documents
• Must be a Self-motivated, team player
• Must have a quality conscious mindset

Desired Previous Experience Includes:
• Alkaline etching of Printed Wiring Boards
• Electrolytic plating of Printed Wiring Boards
• Electro-less plating of Printed Wiring Boards (to include immersion plating)

• Experience with additional chemical processes used in manufacturing of Printed Wiring Boards