Requirement Detail

Job Title Compliance Officer
Job Code 172644
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 318
Date Posted 04/16/2018
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 527
Location Tallahassee, FL USA
Pay Rate
Job Description

• Minimum Education Level: High School

• Successful hire is not required to have legal experience, but must be highly trainable with professional demeanor and work ethic.
• The incumbent in this position works with two or more lawyers to prepare health care disciplinary cases for presentation to the probable cause panels for formal litigation and for final disposition before the Boards.
• The incumbent reviews and researches the investigative files, medical records, transcripts and expert opinions regarding alleged violations of statutes and rules; drafts Administrative Complaints or Closing Orders in pre-probable cause complaints; performs legal research as necessary; drafts legal memoranda; drafts discovery requests, responds to interrogatories and/or pleadings; drafts Settlement Agreements.
• Corresponds telephonically and in writing with the Respondent, Respondent's counsel, witnesses, complainants and/or expert witnesses for review of case, for clarification or further information on the facts occurring in the case or to set up depositions or hearings; assists the attorney in preparation for depositions or hearings.
• Provides vital professional regulation skills by preparing, producing, coordinating, managing and maintaining highly complex litigation case materials; sets up litigation pleading files; produces motions, pleadings, general correspondence and memoranda on cases assigned to respective attorneys; prepares cases for presentation or reconsideration before the Probable Cause Panels or for presentation for the Boards for final agency action.
• Accurately and timely updates LEIDS and Axiom as action occurs in the responsible attorney’s assigned cases.
• Performs a periodic physical inventory of all cases assigned to the incumbent’s attorneys, making necessary changes and updates to the computer case management system; provides a current caseload report after each inventory.
• Arranges for attorney’s travel and prepares itinerary prior to departure; and prepares travel vouchers.
• Schedules court reporters, witnesses and locations for all depositions and formal hearings for assigned attorneys.
• Schedules and coordinates witness conferences, lectures and pre-trial meetings for assigned attorneys.
• Produces calendars of current cases, which include important dates and information for each case, and follows up with attorneys to assure deadlines are met.
• Directs or responds to telephone inquiries received within the unit from the general public, complainants, Subjects and/or Subjects' counsel concerning disciplinary cases.
• Timely prepares closed cases according to File Maintenance Protocol, ensuring there is a signed, filed (if applicable) closing document in the file, closing the case or ensuring the case has been closed in LEIDS, and transferring to the appropriate Records Management Liaison within the unit.